Enya's Earth Environment

Enya's contemplative music, The Memory of Trees, accompanying the drone footage and still photos from Florida International University lets you experience the essence of the Amazonian rainforests. It is their peace, beauty, vastness, biodiversity, their timeless embrace of thousands of human communities and their crucial contribution to stabilizing planetary climate cycles.

Our team has created an interdisciplinary role play simulation, Fire in the Forest, a powerful tool for environmental education, environmental studies, global learning or a sustainability program. Working in teams, participants, using systems thinking, inhabit the roles of stakeholders in a contentious dispute over tropical rainforest management. The action takes place in a realistically fictitious South American nation. Their task is one of negotiation, as they try to piece together solutions and policies that address indigenous rights, conservation, debt-for-nature swaps and socioeconomic justice. Fire in the Forest's delivers a transformative experience, empowering players to take on local or global problems and devise effective policies and courses of action.

Explore Fire in the Forest's uniquely powerful approach to this global crisis. We hope you will open your hearts and minds to the significance of these forests to all of us. However, appreciation and concern, while good first steps, are not enough. We must work out binding long-term action strategies to halt the destruction and preserve the remaining tracts of the Amazon's rainforests.